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Aurum Textile

The company was founded in the spring of 2020 on the basis of many years of production experience of our founders from Austria, with the aim of offering the market a high quality, certified product of non-woven polypropylene textile with a filtration capacity up to 99.7%.

As a young company, from the very beginning of production we manage to maintain a stable and efficient production volume to meet the needs of our customers. Large stock allows us to fulfill all customer requirements promptly.

Our mission is to guarantee customer a positive experience and satisfaction of all customer requirements with a quality product and professional service. We insist on the importance of a professional relationship and continuous education of staff, all with the aim of more successful cooperation with our clients.

The vision of the company Aurum textile is to preserve and improve its position on the market. The basis of our vision is constant movement and positive changes, learning, improving work and investing in people, guided by optimism, creativity, ambition and responsibility. The standards we set at the beginning and which we will not give up because our customers deserve only the best.

Our main goal is to provide customers and clients with best produst as possible for their many at all times, appreciating their time and faith in us. In return, we gain regular customers, partners and associates. So far, we have succeeded in that, and we will try to keep it that way in the coming years. Using proven suppliers and proven technology, with trained staff we aim to create the image of a reliable manufacturer.

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Our certificates

The highest production requirements as well as the use of exclusively tested materials are the basic precondition for the production of a high quality product.