What is NON WOVEN or NONWOVEN textile material

According to the chemical composition, nonwoven textile is polypropylene, it is environmentally friendly, biodegradable and waterproof. The time of complete disintegration underground is about two years, which is much less than in the case of most products from the same category.

Non-woven textile is very suitable for the production of finished products for various purposes. This material is characterized by strength, water resistance, light weight (already 20gr / mkv, 2 times lighter than copy paper), high wear resistance, as well as ease of operation in production and ease of maintenance in a wide range of applications.

It is used to make protective masks, the most important part of which is. It is used for the middle layer which has the function of a filter for bacteria, viruses and all particles larger than 0.5ų. The fabric consists of many cross fibers arranged in different directions, which results in enormous filtration power. The diameter of the fibers ranges from 0.5 to 10 microns.

The technological process of making nonwoven material by the method of melting is based on melting synthetic granules in the presence of additives, which gives a melt of high flowability.

The melt is pushed under great pressure through the tool package with the nozzle and fibers are formed. These fibers, immediately after their formation, are carried by warm air under pressure on the conveyor belt.

The fibers, as such, intertwine with each other and strengthen in contact with cold air, are forming a non-woven material.

The nozzle package consists of several steel elements that aim to evenly distribute the melt that needs to pass through the fiber forming nozzle. The nozzle itself has openings on its work surface that can be of different shapes and diameters of only a few microns, depending on the purpose of the material.

After the process of making non-woven material is completed, we start testing the material in our laboratory, which is equipped with the most modern device for testing the efficiency of material filtration.

The device is designed to measure the impermeability of particles from 0.3 to 10 micrometers in size. When we say that the filtration efficiency of the material is 95%, it means that the retention - impermeability of droplets of 0.3 micrometers is 95%.

After testing, only materials that have met the strictest criteria are sold, which guarantees the top quality of the product that is placed on the market.

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